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TOWNE CRIER CAFE - Wednesday, December 15, 1999  

Hosted by  - Scott Sylvester

and here he is:

- with his pickupped backpacker

after he reads the lineup

we get to hear Scott chop the backaxe

this is what it looks like from up there

- just in case you don't remember; or are curious

OK! OK! Let's get on with the show

First up:

Patrick Dodge

Patrick looks good tonight - nice, smooth presentation; great voice 

and next, it's

Sal Casabianca

This is the first time we've captured this gentleman singer

- very confident and poised

Sal gives us great music

and we can feel his presence

Sal plays his bow


Let's welcome

Bruce Chiriani


Nice, clean performance

Great going, Bruce!

Here comes

Bob Gotta

from our own Area Code 860

a mystery man

strong image - powerful lyric

!Let's here it one more time for Bob!

Finally we get a reasonable picture of this group

Blind Mice

great sounds

smooth voices



and now, much to our excitement, it's

K. J. Denhert


K. J.'s on it tonight!


talk about powerful ...

and then K. J. asks Rhonda Shuster to join her

and join her she does!



Look at this lady -

do you think she's intent?

 and then Rhonda does a set of her own

- no disappointment here -

Thanks, Rhonda

Next up comes the Duet

Laid down some cool stuff for us

[e-mail me your name]

followed by


nice going, Stefana

Then I get to play


Nat Kennedy

Mississippi John Hurt: My Creole Belle

and another John Hurt song: Spike Driver Blues

lots of fun here, folks!

Next up!

Robert Alan

from the Farmington River Valley contingent of Area Code 860

 this multi-talented individual is also quite funny

here he is

love that smile, Robert


and now - half of The Dixie Cups - it's


Tells us of a recent experience

and then gets down to some serious playing



now it's Lavinia's husband

Rick Ross

always a great performance

Rick's CD reflects his talent

check it out!

and now here's a super feature

Michele Rubin

Michele gives us an excellent performance

sings great songs about life

you can feel her experience

I love to watch this performer perform


Super job, Michele, as usual!!

and finally, before I leave, let's welcome

Jen Shankman


Great job everybody!

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