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Wednesday, September 15, 1999

We are surprised - and delighted - to have Phil fill in

Scott Sylvester was unable to be present, so Phil presented

Our first performer:

Ms. J. Steele

immediate adrenaline

Then we listen and watch

Eric Erickson

we expect to see Eric a lot

And then - the return of a favorite -

Julie Holland

she makes us all feel better

Thank you, Julie!

- then our first Area Code 860 performer this evening 

Rick Ross


Rick always gives us a super performance

followed by:

Peggy Atwood

Peggy plays a big guitar

with a big sound

and a big voice

and so ... smooth

Great performance, Peggy!  

Here's someone I've not heard before

Jimmy Fastiggi

sure glad we get to watch and hear Jimmy tonight

And then it's Area Code 860's own


a singer / luthier - can you believe it?!

(I played the guitar she built a little later - an unbelievable sound

GREAT JOB, Lavinia!

also from Area Code 860

Bob Gotta

Bob sports a new pair of neon glasses 

the camera caught them just right

 but seriously

the glasses look great, Bob

not to mention how well you play and sing

Super set, Bob

still another Area Code 860 entry

Ron Anthony

Ron's going to be performing near YOU!

- so keep an eye open -


then comes


a great performance

we aren't sure what to expect next 

Sue Ciano

careful - poised - comfortable

then she starts to sing

we are not disappointed


You're great!


oh, my goodness!

it's ...



Graceful entry

warm presentation

starts off so smooth

finishes the first song up even smoother

And now, WHAT? - Cece a cappella?

absolutely fantastic!

she just stands there

and out it comes with great force

Let's hear it for Cece Borjeson

!heeeeuuuuup - heeeeuuuuup - heeeeuuuuup - heeeeuuuuup!

And then we are graced with

Grace Sanders

nice job, Grace

- can't wait to hear you again -

just before I left, the next performer really took charge

Teddy Goldstein

 very strong performance 

 strong voice

great lyrics

and a real presence


this guy knows how to emote


Great job, Teddy!

how can you miss what's behind the sign-up sheet? 




Thank you to the folks at the Towne Crier Cafe

- without you we wouldn't be here!

Email Nat Kennedy: vintagefolk@snet.net

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