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Wednesday, May 19, 1999

a whole bunch of people gathered and listened to a night of great music; here are pictures of the first few performers

Our host, Scott Sylvester

- reading the sign-up list of many names

Scott does such a great job!

First up - Patrick Dodge

- nice, smooth performance, Patrick - can't wait until next time ...

Then we have

Peggy Atwood

Peggy has a nice clean style -

Lots of emotion

Great job, Peggy!


Main Street

These guys came back and wowed us again!

They WOWed a lot of people so much, they opened for Eric Anderson at the Towne Crier on September 18!

Great job, Mike and Burke!


great guitar


great piano

- put these two pictures together and you get the poster at the top

Rick Ross brought his 12-string

incredible sounds, Rick 

and then: it's Dorie Colangelo

nice smile, clear voice, super guitar - come back again, Dorie

and then: Erik Balkey

more great playing and singing - it keeps getting better

and then: Peter Maine

one excellent performance after another - super work, Peter 

BUT WAIT - Who's this guy?

Why, it's Bryan Thomas


talk about performing!

Bryan does it all

WOW! - can we keep it up?

Scott Lovell

tones it down a little with beautiful guitar and smooth voice - really refreshing ...

The next performer brought everybody together

Cynthia Preston

this lady can perform - and talk about poignant

- it was difficult to take pictures and listen at the same time 

and finally, before I leave for the evening, one of my favorites:

Rich Patches

always great

absolutely fantastic!

always a special treat

- and thank you to the good folks at the Towne Crier Cafe

- without you, we wouldn't be here

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- to benefit aging acoustic performers

Email me, Nat Kennedy: vintagefolk@snet.net

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