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TOWNE CRIER CAFE - Wednesday, April 21, 1999

a whole bunch of people gathered and listened to a night of great music; here are pictures of the first few performers

Our host, Scott Sylvester

- reading the sign-up list of many names

Scott is also a vibrant performer

he's got a LOT of feeling - incredible to watch and hear

hard to read - I know

First up - Bob Gotta

- one of our very own Area Code 860 Open Mike participants

Bob is inimitable

his songs of life and love bring images to us all


Sandi Kimmel - Tarrytown's finest!

Great job, Sandi!

Sandi played a second song

and asked Lisa Werbin to join her

 what a duo - and then we got to hear Lisa by herself

Songs that make us think

Songs we can reflect on - Thank you, Lisa! 

the dark spot on Lisa's face is the mike shadow - just in case you were wondering ...


- outside warming up - if that's what you do outside

Cece Borjeson

Trains Wrecked Productions

Now here's a group - (if two's a group) - that everybody's talking about

Main Street

Bingo! - right on, guys

great guitar

A terrific collaboration!

great piano


Ever wonder what Rick Ross is studying up there?

- another favorite Area Code 860 Open Mike feature

Great slide work, Rick!

now you know

And then this lady blows us away:

Doctor Holland - talk about talent

an incredibly poignant performance

a great singer

loaded with emotions

a great guitar player


Cindy came from Nashville

she's been on the stage before - so comfortable

There's no hidden talent here!

Cindy's for real - and what a nice person, too ...

Here's one of Scott's favorite jobs

- and he does it so well

Dan's been away for awhile

it's nice to have him back

This guy is smooth!

notice how well he plays with no hand

What a surprise to have Brian and Trisha show up!

really nice stuff, you two - great going!

This lady speaks for herself

perhaps there's a CD in their future?

And Brian -

 - well he's so cool playing back there

Brian and Trish are the last two performers of the evening before I left (hence - no pictures after them)

Our host for the evening:

Scott Sylvester

Thank you Scott, for a really entertaining evening

- and thank you to the good folks at the Towne Crier Cafe

- without you, we wouldn't be here

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- to benefit aging acoustic performers

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