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TOWNE CRIER CAFE - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 

Our host, Scott Sylvester:

Thank you Scott, for a really entertaining evening

- and thank you to the good folks at the Towne Crier Cafe

- without you, we wouldn't be here 

Twenty-five ( ! ) performers signed up before 7:00pm - so I missed out :(

However, the evening was incredible. Here come the pictures ...

The opening acts:

Scott Sylvester - Cynthia Preston - Rhythm Exchange - Eric Elias

This group is incredible

- talk about putting everything you've got into a performance

He IS a master!

And, of course, great performances from there to here ...

Did you know that Peter Anthony is from Australia?

- and that Rick Ross is Lavinia's husband?

Excellent stuff, all!

Now, here is Rick Ross!

Great job, Rick!

Please visit:
 Rick Ross (Salmon Brook Records)

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