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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Hosted by  - Scott Sylvester

Here's Scott





Here's what Scott looks like a little closer up

Super performance, Scott!


... hailing from Connecticut, it's

Carolyn Reed

Great to see you here, Carolyn

and then, from the City of East Granby

Rick Ross

Rick has introduced his SECOND CD!

Pick up a copy and give it a spin


Mister Stevie C

This man lets it all hang out

Good job, Mr. C.

Once again, our illustrious host

Scott Sylvester

If it weren't for Scott, we wouldn't be here

Thanks for all you do, Sir.

A returning performer

Peter Maine


This man simply gets better over time

Thank you, Peter

It's great to have Peter back

And now, a superb performance

Pat Fowler

Job well done, Pat

This lady and her backup are doing big things

Anne Marie Menta

Image painting songs at their best

Jim Eager

Great guitar



Somebodies Baby


Who's baby?

Somebodies Baby

Oh. Well, he's an excellent performer!

Jennifer S

Jennifer gives a superb presentation


Alan S

Just one great performance after another, folks

Ted Paulsen

"Songs Of The Suburbs"

Ted's CD is a keeper

Ted Paulsen's fingers

They do a terrific job, don't they?

Kent Aldrich

"Thanks For Asking"

Kent's CD is excellent

Kent Aldrich

Connecticut's own singer / songwriter

This next performer you know even if you don't know

Nat Kennedy

plays the huge tambourine - actually called a "tar"

Nat Kennedy

openmikeonline's own

(it's ME! the guy who takes the pictures and writes this text)


Beth Rowanmetzler

Strong voice / strong guitar / great presentation

Now here is our video feature, folks

5.5MB = 45 minute download @ 28.8Kb/s

Ron Anthony

Ron plays his own

"Down To The Wire"

c2001 Ron Anthony

Check out these two pictures

- note the position of the mike

- the camera didn't move

- the microphone did

Ron had to stretch to compensate for the "moving microphone syndrome"

Play the video and watch the microphone move

(Need instructions? Go back to the Video Gallery.)

And last and not least, also from Connecticut, it's

Ted Banks

Ted gives us some Mississippi John Hurt

on the 78th anniversary of his first recording

(John Hurt's, not Ted's)

plus one of his own songs

"Seems Like Yesterday"

(here's a link to Ted Playing "Seems Like Yesterday" at Thomaston)

3.67MB (30 minute download at 28.8kb/s)

Gosh. This has been quite an evening

But believe it or not, we're only half-way through!

I had to leave, so there's no more pictures. Wah.

Can you find your name?

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Thank you to all the good folks at The Towne Crier Cafe for providing the venue

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