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Thomaston Opera House 

February 16, 2001

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So here we go - the latest pictures...

The Stage

The Host

Bucky Howard

Explains the surroundings

- like where the bathrooms are-

Introducing our first performer

Timothy Whelan

a resident poet

Good writing, good reading

Nice job, Timothy

(please send me your name and I'll post it correctly)

Timothy is taller than Bucky



Your resident picture taker

Nat Kennedy

Playing the "tar" (an 18" frame drum)

Followed by Geoff Muldaur's

"Mole's Moan"

on the Epiphone resonator "Biscuit"

as in

"Kennedy's Biscuit"

- are we having fun yet?

This man is

- it's -

Gil Dube

Songwriter / Singer / Open Mike Poster Boy

Good friend

Gil Dube

Thomaston Opera House - Thomaston, Connecticut

Doesn't get much better than that!

Followed by a blues group

Bob - Bruce - John

John's playing the mouth harp, good sounds all around.

Bob Cherney

on serious percussion

Bruce Angeloszek

on serious guitar

Thanks for the email, Bruce

John Hurley

Thomaston Opera House - Thomaston, Connecticut


A mentor of mine

Carolyn Reed

Powerful singer, excellent fingerstyle

Fantastic guitar

Carolyn's giving it her all

Carolyn Reed

Thomaston Opera House - Thomaston, Connecticut

and now, the host gets to play - and sing

A smooth singer, a velvet voice


Great sounds

Excellent guitar

Marty Brennan joins The Buck

Twice as nice

Bucky's back to work

Introduces our next performer...

Jamie Tilley

Good Stuff!

Jamie Tilley

Thomaston Opera House - Thomaston, Connecticut

We'd like to hear more of this guy

Thanks for the email, Jamie!

Listen up, everybody!

This is where the video comes in


WOW! It's finally happening

And here comes a super player...

Rich Patch

a study in study

Absolutely incredible guitar

true to the original

And now, tonight's feature mystery performer...

Young Lady

Talk about talent!  What can we say?

This Young Lady's doing it for us tonight

Young Lady

Thomaston Opera House - Thomaston, Connecticut

The lady is on the right track



Please send me your name so we know who you are

It's time for a resident musician

Marty Brennan

Talk about smooth playing, Marty is the Man.

All around performer.



She provides the provisions

A song for Ethel

such an experience

A dedicated fan

Fantastic job of hosting, Bucky!

Here's the crowd

Good night, everybody!

Pick up this album the next time you're here

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