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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, November 17, 1999 

Featuring - Debra Cowan

hosted by none other than the man

Stan Sullivan

Hey, now - do you believe these guys?

Practicing and having fun?


and then it's


Well, I'll be ...

Our host, Stan Sullivan, actually gets to play!

Stan is a serious performer

making serious sounds

it's great to hear you here, Stan!

First up (after Stan, of course)

Gil Dube

Roaring Brook Nature Center - November 17, 1999

enough said?

next it's

Robert Alan

looking to the left

looking to the right

Robert sounds great from both directions

his mouth harp adds a lot

Great job, Robert!



doesn't he look great? you ought to hear his voice ...

soft yet strong

smooth and clear

and, as I said, Robert Alan and his mouth harp add a lot

nice, stuff, huh, folks?

Oh, wow! Look who's up:

Cece Borjeson

Cece puts her all in

and out it all comes 

Great going, Cece!

oh, come on! don't tell me! Jay Kaplan?! taking pictures? of who? oh, my gosh!

Nat Kennedy

what can I say?


Nat Kennedy

Roaring Brook Nature Center - November 17, 1999

having fun yet?

I think so ...

And NOW!

the moment we've all been waiting for




Here's Debra from afar

Her voice is so strong

As you listen closely

Debra's message comes through

The guitarwork is neat

crisp notes

and now a couple of pixelings

 (like paint + ing = painting, pixel + ing = pixeling)

Debra Cowan

Roaring Brook Nature Center - November 17, 1999

Great work, Debra!

A little lite tonite

Oh, well. More songs for us all

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