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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, October 27, 1999 

Featuring - Ron Anthony

hosted by none other than the man

Stan Sullivan

and after you walk in the door, you meet this kind gentleman

Jay Kaplan

Jay runs the place is all - THANK YOU,  JAY! 

Meanwhile, in the wood grain green room

No, no, Kent ... like this

move BOTH your hands

All right - on with the show 
First up!

Nat Kennedy 

Playing Rick Ross' 12-string Guild

"Diamond Joe"

followed by a 18" tar frame drum song


(but where's HIS picture?)
ummmm .... 


Kim Hoffman

such a gifted musician

such a neat person

Kim plays two of her own songs

stories of life and perception

"Thank you, everybody"

No, thank YOU, Kim! 

and now, the guy from West Hartford we all appreciate

Mr. Ted Paulson

His style is just right

keeps our feet moving

his lyrics ring true

what a great job, Ted!

followed by

Robert Alan 

Mr. River Song, himself

playing a song of his own

great guitar

great words

smooth voice

makes for a great performance

and then Kim Hoffman joins Robert 

what a pare! pear! pair!

Nice, smooth, presentation

This is the first time I've seen these two perform together

Mr. and Mrs. Open Mike

Rick Ross and Lavinia (Mrs. Rick Ross)



what beautiful music together

and then Rick plays for us

big sound on his big Guild 12-string

- a neat guitar that plays great

and then Stan Sullivan, host extraordinaire, introduces the feature

THE WILD MAN! Ron Anthony

Such power ...

Ron lays down some great songs

his own and some others

neat chord changes

always moving



and now back to the unfeatured performers



Cece is such a professional

nice guitar - clear voice

she lets it out without fear

we can feel her emotions 

but sometimes

not everything is perfect 
and Cece is the first to recognize it


Oh, well

On with the show!

Ruth George joins Cece

an unbelievable duet


Then Ruth George has a set of her own

Don't you just love to her play and sing?

Such feeling

such a beautiful voice

such great guitar

such a neat person

and now comes our resident man about town


Gil shows us again

how much fun it is to be here

his voice is inimitable

and he is ours



Bucky Howard

who asks Robert Alan and his harmonica

to join him

so Robert does

- and what a job

but the Buck's the man tonight

What a great job, Bucky

Bucky Howard

So smooth!

and then this guy -



Who? Who are these people?

come along

sing with me

give it a chance

don't just sit there

what a fun thing

Thank you, Stan

Well, actually, Dave - Thank you

Great job! 

I've been waiting a long time to capture this guy

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome

Paul Aiken

nice clean guitar playing

nice smooth voice

poignant performance, Paul 

! phwew !

Now, another out-of-towner comes to town

Mr. Bruce Wheeler

and are we impressed

his songs

his playing

his style

Great job, Bruce

Thank you for coming

then I leave ...

but here's the cookies and cider

Thank you, Ann!

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