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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Featuring - Keith Carini

Fantastic performance, Keith!

Here's our ever gracious Stan Sullivan, the host:

Great job, Stan - our host extraordinaire!

Stan doing his job

He makes us all feel welcome and appreciated

Robert Alan is up first

- great guitar - great harmonica

His songs carry meaning for us

- he just keeps getting better

And here comes one of my favorite people

Kim Hoffman

what an emotional performer

She always puts everything she's got into it

- and you can feel what she feels

great technique

super sound

and moving feet

- the feet tell a big part of the story


Then comes Rick Ross

Rick and Lavinia brought a pair of outstanding 12-strings

Rick has a new way of counting the beats

- or else he's doing "eensy weensy spider"

 (he's really just putting on his fingerpicks, folks)

And now - here's Lavinia!

- huge 12-string

Such a graceful performer

- with a huge sound

Can you figure out how this picture was taken?

hint - it was taken during practice, not during Lavinia's performance



- and then we're graced by our very own host

Stan Sullivan

Stan is amazing to watch play - speed AND accuracy!

Did you know that Stan's on his way to compete in a songwriter's contest in Arizona?

His "Church Steeples" and "Passing Lane" have been selected, and Stan will be performing them

We'll know Friday, April 30 in the evening if Stan WINS

- the way this man plays, he's got a good chance


And then - our incredible feature:

Keith Carini

Keith plays a half an hour

And even tells a joke

"What kind of bees produce milk?" * (see footnote)

A memorable performance

some familiar songs, some not so familiar

it seems the feet like to play too

- first it's Ron Anthony, and now - Keith Carini!

Keith - can't wait until next time! - Super performance, Sir!

This gentleman has been coming to Roaring Brook for years, and now it's his turn - first time for

Keith T. Hall

Great job, Keith!

Here's a beautiful singer who's doing it all!

Cece Borjeson

She's terrific 

And our man about town

Mr. Gil Dube - songwriter / performer fantastic

Gil asked Cece and Kim to play with him

which they did - and OH! what a wonderful experience

and Kim - our resident musician

- we can't get enough of you!

The sign-up sheet brought us until well after 10:00 PM

- what a great night 


 * boobies - hah! hah!

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- to benefit aging acoustic performers

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