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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, March 24, 1999

we had an incredible evening of music with lots of performers AND guests!

I heard there were over 50 people in attendance 

Here's our ever gracious Stan Sullivan, the host:

Great job, Stan - our host extraordinaire!

Bill Creighton

performed great Irish songs

Bill is becoming a regular

It's nice to see him each time

Debra Cowan

graced us with beautiful words and music

Debra's voice is truly beautiful

Visit Deb's web site:  Debra Cowan

Fortunately, a surprise performer graced us:

Thank you for a poignant performance, Kent

Kent Aldrich

Your songs mean much to us

And then - our incredible feature:

Lucy Chapin

What a songwriter, not to mention a natural performer ...

and Julia with Lucy

Combine to give us an extraordinary experience

- and the two together = WOW!

I can't wait to hear their CD

(there better be one coming!)

Michael Meyers

Great job, Michael

Michael plays with extraordinary energy - an incredible experience

Cynthia Preston

What a terrific performance!

Thank you, Bob Gotta, for giving up your spot for Cynthia

 You came and you enjoyed yourself - thank you all!

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