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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, February 24, 1999  

Over 50 people enjoyed our evening together there as we enjoyed the

Ruth's beautiful voice and exquisite guitar playing had us rivetted for a half hour - what a great performance!

This is what it looks like when you come in the front door and wonder around

Cece and Mrs. Dube - Gil Dube - The Entrance - Rick Ross - Cece Borjeson

What an opening!

Mr. Gil Dube - - Our host: Bob Gotta - - Thoughtful songs by Kent Aldrich

The feature: Ruth George

What a job she did! Moving songs, beautiful songs, great guitar! Who could ask for anything more?

Ruth and Uncouth

(Cece somehow acquired that moniker - makes you wonder ... ) 

And a big picture of Bob Gotta shows his composure at the microphone

what a natural host!

The evening progresses with terrific performances - one right after the other

Wow! Eric and Robert = super "new guys" - Rick Johnson and his mellow guitar

Welcome to Roaring Brook, Eric and Robert - your talents are appreciated

Bucky! We love you! - Mr. Jay Bird: Robert Alan - Nina's beautiful voice

Robert's interpretation of "Ms. Baltimore Oriole" is second to none

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