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Roaring Brook Nature Center

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feature - McMillan & White = TERRIFIC SHOW!

Here's our host for the evening

Stan Sullivan

The host at Roaring Brook Concerts and Open Mikes for DECADES!

Information passing specialist

Now we know where to go, listen, and enjoy

? note the number of "Previous Feature" performers ?

First up tonight, it's

"Previous Feature"

Nat Kennedy and the frame drum

and the new Paracho Mexican classical guitar

pictures another time

followed by 

Ed Wilber

Singing and playing on the big Parkwood

I wonder what year this one is

Nice guitar

Ed Wilber

Sounds real nice - come back again

NEXT it's

"Previous Feature"

Guy Michael Grande

It's been awhile and he sounds ever better

followed by 

"Previous Feature"

Tom Woodward

Multi-talented singwriter


Thanks for coming, Fans!

"Previous Feature"

Carolyn Reed

Everywhere and always sounding just right

Antsy performer wall

plus Stan evaluating future features

"Previous Feature"

Dave Fry

Dave is a much bigger star than it appears ... his guitar is normal size

Here's a close up making the guitar normal size

Dave Fry is a *** HUGE *** star!

... an appreciative fan


Sweetheart Mountain

We have to wait until next month ... sounds really good ... can't wait

"Previous Feature"

Mr. Pete Prizzi

Came out of nowhere a couple of years ago - sings his own songs - sounds great

"Previous Feature"

Cece Borjeson

Cece performs all over now - a dream coming true

- with Ruth George

And now, another someone we haven't heard from for awhile

Eric Shevshenko

Wonderful stuff on the Martin

Good job, Eric - Good to see you


Getting ready for the feature performance

 Looks good from over here

McMillan and White

Roaring Brook Nature Center - Canton, Connecticut - January 25, 2006

They are TERRIFIC! Great beat. Excellent tones.

The bassist so good you don't even notice; the drummer is just plain great


Coyote is awesome

McMillan & White

Really together

! Superb job !

And now openmikeonline's poster boy

"Previous Feature"

Gil Dube

Great to see and hear you, Gil

and Sandi, Gil's wife is here, too.

backed by Guy Michael Grande

Having a lot of fun here, folks - you better come next month

Here's a pose we see alot with Gil

Removing the harmonica after a fantastic set

Thank you for coming, Gil - see you soon.

Now let's welcome:

Mike Ingram

Mike starts off unassuming and comes out strong

Mike Ingram


Then I leave ...

Here's the signup sheet:

? O. K. so how many previous feature performers were there tonight? 

A grande thank you to the good folks at

Roaring Brook Nature Center

that make this all possible!


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