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Roaring Brook Nature Center

November 20, 2002

It hardly seems like pleasure as usual

Stan Sullivan

Our host extraordinaire as usual

* please * explore Sharon Howard Gallery below * esaelp *

and now,


"The sound of pure light ... unplugged"

Carolyn Reed

Her usual excellent self 

But not usual, in fact, unusual, is the appearance of

Don Kitch

Roaring Brook Nature Center - Canton, Connecticut


Don plays and sings great songs on his not ordinary black guitar

followed by

Chuck E. Costa

Chuck is to be a future feature

OH! but wait - we can't miss 1/2 Old Paint himself

Gil Dube

Gil gives us his ordinary great set

Thank you, Gil!

and now, from West Hartford, Connecticut

Ted "incredibly good"Paulsen

Roaring Brook Nature Center - Canton, Connecticut

Ted's slide on that baby guitar is beyond usual

you've got to hear it - an exact replica of THE  sound

Is this person enjoying themselves

or what? 

but then, completely ordinarily up comes ...

Kent Aldrich,

joining in on the fun and frolics

What musicians ordinarily do

when recognition is deserved

Nice job, Ted!

Here's our usual host

holding the usual cup

Think of how many DIFFERENT performers this man has observed close up!

Must be in the thousands

This next duet is husband and wife

and boy!, are they good together 

Brian and Sharon Howard



and usually close to the edge

He's working, folks

- just doesn't look it 

In fact Sharon and Brian usually work so hard

we ordinarily work up a sweat

! - PHWEW - !

Up next, also your ordinary hard worker

Cece Borjeson

Roaring Brook Nature Center - Canton, Connecticut

Clean and thorough

Cece takes care of the details

and the excellence IS in the details, now isn't it?

ummm ... but ...

sometimes details hightail 

AND NOW - !!

it's off to cookies!

Cece sighting

Lisa sighting

Brendan sight...

no ordinary sights here

So the host goes back on

Host Stan Sullivan

makes the few usual important announcements, such as

Up next!


Mr. Good Example himself


Tom Woodward

 Roaring Brook Nature Center - Canton, Connecticut

 versatile and entertaining

over here

or up close


Tom Woodward

What a usual great evening! 

Some fans enjoying the show

Good night, everybody!

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"Thank you" to Jay Kaplan at Roaring Brook Nature Center

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