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Roaring Brook Nature Center - Wednesday, January 16, 2000 

Featuring - Bruce Wheeler

hosted by

Stan Sullivan

He's so cool

Stan the Man




Eric Paradine

Eric always gives us his all 

Seriously, folks, here's another serious performer

Kent Aldrich

Roaring Brook Nature Center - January 26, 2000

this is Kent's serious side

and then, there's Kent's OTHER side

do you wish I'd left the camera at home?

If you wear these pants

you too can perform together

Robert Alan

followed by

Kim Hoffman


Sounding great, Kim!


A cameo performance by your average snake

and then, back to reality with

Gil Dube

guess who's?

Not hers

she's enjoying herself immensely

Here's Kim Hoffman (again!) with

Ted Paulson


but just Ted's movin' shoes


Cece and Kent

Cece and Kent



*** Bruce Wheeler ***

Bruce Wheeler

Roaring Brook Nature Center - January 16, 2000

Great sounds

Unusual sounds

Look at this percussion:

Check out Bruce's hands in both pictures

Bruce's boots and toolbox


Great entertainment from a great performer

Thank you, Bruce!

Next up!

Cece Borjeson

Roaring Brook Nature Center - January 16, 2000


Tom Woodward and M Xstanding

Tom Woodward and M Xstooled

send me his name so I can get it right

the evening's mystery guest

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- to benefit acoustic performers

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