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River Run - Thursday, November 11, 1999 

The spot

a little dark, but VERY warm and comfortable

Here's our host(ess)

Meg Hackett

She's got it all together

Great songs

Great voice

Here's a little artistic impression of Meg

just for fun


Eddy Williams

Now look at this guy

He says I show up everywhere

Well, guess what, Eddy

You're the one who's showing up everywhere!

Great job, Eddy!

then there's a feature act we had no idea was coming



The bass player on the left

So smooth - so cool

And these guys on the right

together they sound great

And this lady pours herself into the performance


Look at this sequence:


The group play together


the lady wails on the harmonica


but there's MORE!

look at this

talk about getting into it

we are all exhausted after

Let's here it for Crow's Foot


Oh what fun we had ...

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