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Pine Loft Coffee House 

Monday, August 26, 2002 

7:50 PM

Just before the open mike opening night

Now, THIS is a beautiful place to be

Just a moment of your time:
These pictures are dark (except Rob Graves)
because I refuse to use flash (except Rob Graves)
It's a nice picture of Rob Graves, but it's not the way it looked
... so we're working on the lighting

This is what you see just inside the entrance

looks like a haven for performing artists, huh?

This is how it looks from the top of the staircase

that's Mister Loose, there

Eric Paradine

See? Looser knees, and he'd melt

Lisa Lawrence

Lisa is making a name for herself around here

Nice Going, Lisa! 

Click here to check out Lisa's mp3s page

A happy musician fan singer-songwriter

Mr. Guthrie, himself, I believe

Gil Dube

This, folks, is THE Mr. Gil Dube, Sr.

Author of many fine songs

Stan Sullivan

Stan has a couple of CDs, with more on the way?

I like his "Church Steeples"

Ruth George

Ruth just keeps getting better

Sounds Great, Ruth!

Monday, August 26, 2002, 9:01:26 PM

This is a great moment in one man's life

Rick Luppino


stan sullivangil dube

This picture was taken at the very moment

we gave Rick recognition for creating (literally)

The Pine Loft Coffee House

(Rick designed and built T.P.L.C.H. with his own hands

- the beams are trees cut and shaped with a chainsaw!)

Kent Aldrich

Mr. Connecticut Songer - Singwriter

Jim Damich

One-fourth of

New West

and, at last!

Rob Graves

Excellent performance!

How much more relaxing can it be?

I leave early, and the fun simply continues after

Here is the sing-up sheet for this special night

Your name needs to be on this list! 

Good night,  everybody, and

Thank You, Rick!

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