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January 4, 2006


Here's Our Man Robert Alan - Host For Six Years!

Robert is a talented performer and sings a couple for us before the rest

Hey yo! First up after me, Nat, after Robert, is:

Kid On A Pony

Playing and Singing with the Big 12-String

Kid On A Pony

Peaberry's Cafe, Simsbury, Connecticut - January 4, 2006

Good stuff!

just for fun, here's another
Kid on a Pony

then it's

Bob Gilbert

Wailing Big Time!

Peter Anthony

Excellent show!

Peter Anthony

Super Job, Peter; Thank you for coming


Erica Chandler


well written, great songs

Erica Chandler

Peaberry's Cafe, Simsbury, Connecticut - January 4, 2006

Excellent job, Erica!

OKAY, now - here's

The Scene

HUGE crowd, NOT mostly performers

That means there's

! FANS ! 

Speaking of fans, we're all fans of this next artist

Duane Woody

Plays and sings his own compositions

Duane Woody

Peaberry's Cafe, Simsbury, Connecticut - January 4, 2006


Super job!

See, it's near Duane's birthday, and the only way to surprise him

is to do it here, in front of tens of people

Happy Birthday, Duane!

Now here comes a personal favorite


Entertains us with another original recital

Danielle Emberley

This is also Danielle's sixth year participating at Peaberry's Open Mike

Jim Howard

Smooth voice, smooth guitar, very entertaining

Carolyn Reed

Carolyn plays and sings another great song

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Three weeks in a row!

1000 Plastic Spoons

Superb voices; great guitar

1000 Plastic Spoons

Peaberry's Cafe, Simsbury, Connecticut - January 4, 2006

This duet has a National presence in the future! 

Now we have, yet once again,

Steve O.

Always interesting, always good

Nice guitar, Steve

followed by

Lauren Parker


Lauren gives us another great presentation

Caitlin Corless

Well practiced; great performance

And now ... for our final presentation of the evening, it's


Peaberry's Cafe, Simsbury, Connecticut - January 4, 2006

 Terrific non-routine routine! 

New West

Great energy here

New West

Well done, group!

"What for you takin' a picture of me?"

'cause you're there, in front of my camera

The signup sheet

20 performers (again) signed up! This must be the happening place.

Thank you all for coming

and thanks to Peaberry's management!

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