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Peaberry's Holiday Open Mike

December 21, 2005

This festive evening begins with normal flair:

Robert Alan - host

Here he is, decked out with a Santa hat and all

Robert Alan - performer

Robert delivers an exceptional set

By the way, this begins the SIXTH year for
Peaberry's Wednesday night open mike, hosted by Robert Alan!

All righty, then ... let the performaners begin

Second up tonight, on his big maple 12-string, is

St. Nicho Marks

The halo is for real, folks!

Lawrence (his real name) is followed by

John Groff

John delivers a couple of great seasonal songs

a very comfortable performance

Nice job, John

It's about time we got your picture

John Groff

Peaberry's Cafe - December 21, 2005


Now, here's the scene:

When you walk in the door, this is with what you are met

People who are excited to see you

and other happy fans

Next up!

Bob Gilbert

Robert & Bob & two of the Santa hats

Followed by one of Central Connecticut's favorites:

Rick Johnson

Rick played several wonderful carols

Rick Johnson

Great medley, Rick

And then we have:

Kid On A Pony

Nice job, Kid! Nice job Pony!

The following picture was taken on

Wednesday, December 21, 2005, at 7:00:18 PM

and we're already up to 21 sign uppers!

The great success made possible by people like:

Peaberry's manager

who does fun things to please the customers

And other people wear fun things to please everybody

Aren't these just adorable? I can see why you can't live without them.

Here's the back of Peaberry's

A great place to relax and converse

Tonight we're attracting more and more people

How neat is that?

It's also neat up at the front

Here's Eric Paradine seasonally prepared

Speaking of seasonally prepared

Thank you, Robert for FIVE YEARS of faithful hosting on Wednesdays!

And now we are regaled by

Jane Baptist

 *** followed by ***

Danielle Emberley

Danielle has been participating since the first night,

December 6, 2000

Erica Chandler

Erica brings a fresh sound. Excellent job!

Robert Alan graciously introduces Duane Woody

"Oh what fun it is to play at Pea-berry's on Wed-nes-day's"

Duane Woody

Consumate songwriter, singer, guitar picker, and fiend        [sic]

The "Scavengers"

Terrific beat - captivating performance - YAY! 



1000 Plastic Spoons

A terrific job! - First time at Peaberry's?

1000 Plastic Spoons

Peaberry's Cafe - December 21, 2005

a memorable evening so far, and then ...


Nice, clean guitar, smooth voice

 (son of eric) 



Peaberry's is the place to be, for sure!

And now, it's:





Great job, Joe - keep up the good work

! NEXT ! 


Eric Paradine

Eric is an extremely versatile performer

- one learns a lot by watching

Eric Paradine

Peaberry's Cafe - December 21, 2005

(I vote this the picture of the night, folks)

New folk singers bring a new sound

Ian & Shane

EXCELLENT performance

Followed by the return of

Chris Bock

We are surprised by Chris showing up. It's been awhile.

Great to hear you again, Chris. See you again soon!

Now the evening is really cooking. Look who's up next!

McMillan & White with guitar ace Coyote

Peaberry's Cafe - December 21, 2005

Excellent Job!

The White part is Barbara who is a personal favorite

Barbara White


Carrie & Jimi Mann

Very nice job! These two are becoming regulars

Jahn Herman

Jahn gives it what he's got - no holding back!



(what can I say?) 

Well, first of all, Tom is a great backup guitar player
and we are fortunate the hear him play a lead song this evening

Next we have a lady doing an excellent job around

with her autoharp and guitar

Gale Gardiner

Gale performs her classic style well

and finally, but not last (these are the final pictures)

Lauren Parker

Lauren expresses herself well

calm yet emotional

We look forward to having Lauren return

Lauren Parker

Peaberry's Cafe - December 21, 2005

Here's the final sign-up sheet

*** It's a pretty detailed picture when viewed alone ***
guess whose hands those are and win!

28 ( ! ) performers - and they all played

between 6:30 and 9:00PM


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