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ON WHAT GROUNDS Coffee House - Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Do you know this person?

Look below

Our illustrious host for the evening:

Mr. Rick Johnson

Rick knows how to put together a great show

First up!

Carolyn Reed

Carolyn practices in the kitchen

then she comes to us for the real thing

and plays and sings

sure doesn't sound like kitchen playing

and look who likes to play along

Rick Johnson, our host

A man of many talents

He's all over the place

Now here's Cece Borjeson

and Rick Johnson, again!

A studied fan


Gil Dube

Gil really does a great job tonight

We love to hear him play and sing

his own songs

and some other classics

but wait!

"if Rick's everywhere, can't I sing too?"

Gil keeps on playing

"Say, Cece - why don't you come up here?"

Great idea! What a pair!

Super job, Gil and Cece!

Here's the studied fan

It's Bob Gotta!

playing up there himself


Robert Alan

Robert's mouth harp

makes for great music

Robert's mouth

makes for great songs

now here's an unidentified performer

see if you can guess who this is - e-mail me with your answer

Oh, WOW! - he finally gets his picture in here!

Nat Kennedy

does a little Mole's Moan

then lays into Spike Drive Blues

What fun!

For those of you who don't know

this is your picture taker

Yup, it's me!

And then it's

Christopher Kain

Central Connecticut's Poet at large

Well, you should all know this guy

Mr. Bad Example

Tom Woodward

Tom plays for us and we laugh

just look at this cool style!

and then, from out of the back of the room comes


Such a beautiful performer

A great guitar

a great voice

super lyrics

who could ask for anything more?


Nina - you're great!

Oh, gosh - now what?

It's Bucky Howard, Rick Johnson, and Robert Alan

Oh, Man - what a show

 Bucky Howard

all by himself

Finally - the moment we've been waiting for

Mr.Bob Mosebach

Bob ends the evening for us

Great job everybody!

See you in the fall

Here's the sign-up board

Notice how everybody gets a time slot

What a neat idea

Thank you Marisa for having us and serving us - you're wonderful!!

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