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397 Cromwell Avenue, Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067

(860) 257-9465

On Wednesday evening, April 14, 1999, we had a wonderful time together - here are the pictures 

This is the scene ...

a great room with lots of places to sit and move around

So, did you finally get to come in here?

send an e-mail and I will respond

And here is THE MAN


Host extraordinaire!

Thanks, Gil - for an unforgettable evening

And then there's ... Eric ... is really interesting to watch

you have to hear this man to believe the feeling of his songs

Eric is becoming a local resident faster than he thought

strange chord shapes and fingering - neat stuff!

Ted has a unique blend of new and yet familiar

he always puts on a great performance

His fingerstyle picking is a delight to listen to

- not to mention to watch - and LEARN, Ted ... he he he ...

wait till you see the real pictures - on paper, no less - having fun?

Now this group is GOOD!

great to listen to, great to watch

Beautiful flute music - there are people who still play!

this lady has a wonderful touch

Big time entertainer

this gal moves!

Nice, smooth, twelve string stuff

keep up the good work, Frank

does anybody know HIS date of birth?

Oh, LB - we love you!

And then came: The Buck!

Music by The Buck - great songs - thanks, Bucky

NINA! - we love to hear you sing

smooth tones, nice sound - great to watch

up next - Mr. Robert Alan - multifacetted performer

I believe these pictures speak for themselves - great performance, Robert

then  - in the midst of it all -

Now, who's THIS cool guy?

well, he sure seems happy

A HAH! - it's our resident poet

MUST be the hat!

and this is the same handsome young man

Christopher - you do a wonderful job of painting pictures with words - thank you

and then MORE 

What a surprise when this man plays and sings

Great songs - great guitar - great feeling

ladies and gentlemen - it's LUKE NELSON

Paul Gobell

this picture does not do justice

it is an amazing experience to hear Paul sing - you'd swear he sounds just like ... Elvis???

and caught sneaking through the door, our resident bassest

thanks a lot, Peter - you add a lot

And after it was over, we did it again! One more time ...

So cool, Ted! 
And then Gil had us all sing "Goodnight Irene" by Huddy Leadbetter

Can you find me?

And here is our benefactor - the owner Marisa, and a member of her stupendous staff, Krissy

Thank you for having us and serving us - you're wonderful!!

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