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Old Paint Picnic 

September 12, 2004 

Here's the scene under the pavilion:

Jim Taylor plays while Mr. Paint hosts his picnic 


Eddy Williams with one of his famous hats 

Look at this!

Amazing Grace played so well



Here's Gil hosting, as well

And now, please welcome:





Great Job!

This is the Welcome Table 

and this is the Welcome Committee

and this means Endless Food

Wide Angle Nat* (WAN) taking pictures

Cece Borjeson and Ruth George

Practiced and clear

Smooth Ruth

Sweet Cece

and this is




Mr. Gil Dube, Author, on the right

Here comes

Kent Aldrich

Kent is a personal favorite; he does not disappoint

See? Just what you said: "Dangerous Camera"

Kent Aldrich

Looking Good - Sounding better

From up there

THE list

Keeping warm and warming up

We're having a time of our lives, folks

Marty Brennan has really strange powers

- when he sits, the world turns

World Class Folk

Marty Brennan

Man of many talents

and now, a very special treat:

! YAY !

! ME !

Through some extraordinary sequence,

I end up playing instead of Rich Patches, hence, it's 

Nat* Kennedy and Marty Brennan

Nat* Kennedy

and then it's

Bucky Howard and Marty Brennan

Mystery Host

Robert No Mystery Alan

And at last and last we get to our hosts

Old Paint



Dave Downs and Gil Dube

That's all the pictures there are for this memorable event

Thank you, Gil and Dave, aka Old Paint

* Nat pictures taken by Nat's wife, Lee - Thanks, Lee. Nat.

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