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Coffee Haven - September 30, 1999

The outside

The inside

76 Railroad Street

Holliston, Massachusetts 01746

(508) 893-8075

Here's out host for the evening

Robert Alan

Not only does he host, he plays and sings as well

Here is a couple of enraptured fans

I hear they came a hundred miles just for this event 

First up after Robert

Brad Meyer

Smooth, studied performance

the experience shows

Brad's been playing for years

his voice is soft and mellow


Thank you for coming 

And now - Holliston's own


These guys are neat

a couple of songs

a couple of moods

maybe they'll be back next time!

Here's some more of the huge crowd

"Well, the old hayloff is full tonight"

Hi, Frank

Do you suppose they're still enjoying the performances?

Looks that way 


Oen Kennedy

Oen's been playing around Cambridge

He writes his own stuff

New Faces 1999 at Club Passim in June

You're going to hear this guy a LOT!


not only that -

Oen likes to listen and play at the same time 

but wait - isn't this our first performer?

Yup - and he's recording, also

Be careful, Brad

OOPS! Tzzzzzzzup! Poof...

Who's this group?

Such happy fans - you don't suppose they're all related

The sign up board

Thank you, Pam and Tom!

See you in a few months for an encore

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