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Bob Gotta's "First Thursday" October 7, 1999

Before the evening even began, these two guys played Deep River Blues as never before

- you never know what you're going to hear, so come with open ears

Bob Gotta, our inimitable host

- started with two songs of his own

Ruth George

- always great

two songs - two emotions

- always appreciated

We've heard him before

- but not like this before

Bruce MacLeod

his own songs

sets himself apart

his own feelings

this lady is obviously raptured by Bruce

as is this gentleman, who performed later

- look for him below

Robert Alan

gets better

gets our attention

gives us his all

and then - Mr. Ragged But Right!

he's one of the two Deep River Blues players

Ted Banks

I'm not so sure about the ragged part

nice voice, incredible guitar

sounds pretty smooth to me

next up - one of my personal favorites

Kate Callahan

starts quietly

builds up steam

then lets it all out

WOW, Kate - great job!

she takes pictures, too ...

after months of waiting, I finally get my chance to take a picture of this performer

John Scott - "I Believe In Magic"

John hosts his own open mike

every Tuesday night

at the Equator Coffee Bar

Manchester, Connecticut

- there's nothing wrong with this picture:

this is the way he looks - all the time

see you at Roaring Brook, John - you're great!



and now it's time for a different look

- a picture turns into a painting - and it's still Bob!

Oh, gosh - it's the man himself:

Gil Dube

he tells us all a story

with a song

and a smile

nobody would question that we all strive to live as actively as Gil

Thank you for your constant encouragement, Gil

Now, the second of the Deep River Blues players:

Ron Anthony

Ron's making a name for himself

look for him at different venues all over Southern New England


Kent Aldrich

songs of the heart

we listen

we hear

we appreciate

we love

excellent performance, Kent

And now, a father and son

so powerful

a tune

and lyrics

a voice

and performance


the father

the son


and, finally - the fan from above

(I left after the next performer)

James Velvet

very comfortable

his name is so appropriate

a wonderful performance

he's so good

we wonder where he's been


we'll see him again

Thank you, Buttonwood Tree, for yet another great "First Thursday" Open Mike

(c) 1999 Vintagefolk®

- to benefit aging acoustic performers
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