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Bob Gotta's "First Thursday" September 2, 1999

The man showed up before his big trip to Kansas

- see below for more of his outstanding performance tonight!

First up - our gentleman about town - Gil Dube

He gets better and better

with each passing week

what a great smile

what a great voice

OH! and then the lady with the clear voice steps up and joins Gil

you know - they DO make great music together

- see more of Cece below -

(blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere) 

now here's a guy who's been around A LOT

Eddie Williams

simply amazing 

Justin Osowiecke

great job, Justin! 

next up - from all over the place

Bill Creighton


you know - Bill!

Oh! Bill!


followed by

Bruce MacLeod

Bruce has a message

he delivers it in his own words

playing his own songs

his own way

you're really good, Bruce


and then comes

Rick Ross

Rick is doing fantastic things around Central Connecticut

He came out with a CD that's has to be heard to be appreciated

Salmon Brook Records - that's Rick!

and then a special treat to remind us all of the importance of showing up:

Vic Lancia

Vic concluded his evening with a beautiful song

Did you know that Rick Ross's wife, Lavinia, builds guitars?

Here's one - I've played it, and it is unreal

In fact, here's Lavinia herself

playing yet ANOTHER guitar 

and now, here's a favorite person performer

Cece Borjeson






Ron Anthony

great guitar

great words

great chords

great fingering


Here's a well known singer songwriter

you know him - it's

Kent Aldrich

Sometimes Kent likes others to join him

Hey, you!

yes; and you and you and you and you

- come here and sing with me


so they do

and they can't wait 'til the next time


thank you, Kent 

who would have thought it could get any better - and then up comes

Kate Callahan

she's talented



plays the guitar well

what a fine performance, Kate

see you at the next venue 

Here's our next performer

Guy Grande

everybody watched and listened to Guy

he makes it look easy

keep up the great playing, Guy!

now - who's next?

Ben Moskey

what a powerful act!

and then multi-talented Bill Creighton joined Ben

amazing ... 

then it got even better 

Ruth George

loaded with beauty

a simple lyric

a simple smile

no ordinary player

no ordinary song


- that's a hard act to follow

Peter L.

it looks like shot put

Peter's playing the harmonica

is this the same person?

guess so - wow!



starts of slow and easy


very practiced

very clean

builds up momentum

lets it out gradually

and then lets it all out

a wild performance!

You're the Man, Stan

Good luck in Kansas City!

and just as I was leaving, this lady steps up

Sharon Howard

I love to watch and hear her play and sing - don't you?

what a special treat

her songs ring true

her voice reaches inward

we can feel it inside

just plain great

Sharon - you're unreal!

Thank you, Buttonwood Tree, for yet another great "First Thursday" Open Mike

(c) 1999 Vintagefolk®

- to benefit acoustic performers
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