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The Buttonwood Tree

Bob Gotta's "First Thursday" May 13, 1999

Here's our illustrious host

Mr. Bob Gotta, himself

First up tonight:

Bill Creighton

Bill attracts all kinds of attention


Now comes

The Amazing Cucaburr

his use of the language is out of the ordinary

If you listen

you can hear his message


Next up!

Vic Lancia

He shows up and reminds us how important it is

followed by

Eddy Williams

now this guy is unreal

He's been around for a long time

He plays all over the place

Great Job, Eddy!

Oh, my Gosh!

Here comes Mr. Wild Man himself

Ron Anthony

Ron's gettin' gigs on his own

He wonders why we like so many pictures of him

That's because he has so many facets

Not to mention his guitar playing

Who wouldn't want to take pictures? (and learn ...)

And now, everybody's love

Cece Borjeson

Cece is coming out with a CD in the Fall

can't wait

Isn't she a beauty?

- and I'm not just talking about her voice!


Rich Patch

Rich brings out the best

his studied artistry is exciting to hear


Always a great job

always sounds strong

Looks right, too

Thanks, Rich!

and now:

the Buck starts here

Bucky Howard

Bucky sings us a new song

umm - who's this?

here he is controlling the huge crowd of fans

(psst! it's Kent Aldrich)

Ohhhh, Yah ...

Here's some more of this great gathering

at The Buttonwood Tree

and now, Bob says, it's


see the glint in his eye?

Gil plays with an inimitable style

everybody wants to be just like Gil

right hand

picking away

left hand

look at the fingers move

and, of course, the feet

always the feet


Lani Peck

this is the ONLY picture I have of Lani - can't wait to see her again and take more

(Hi, Lani - thanks for the e-mail)


(before I leave)

Karen Moore & Doug Johnson


This duo does good stuff

the mix is just right

Karen's voice

her appearance


such incredible talent

She sings to the sky

we hear her on the ground

Good job, Doug

You're the best!

I play for you

and enjoy myself

Well, there goes another excellent evening

See you all in the fall!

Thank you, Buttonwood Tree, for yet another great "First Thursday" Open Mike

(c) 1999 Vintagefolk®

- to benefit aging acoustic performers
E-mail me, nat kennedy: vintagefolk@earthlink.net

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