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The Buttonwood Tree - April 1, 1999

Bob Gotta hosted a memorable night of great folk music!

- sorry, Bob. no picture!

Before we get started, there's always warming up

Here's Carolyn Reed doing her thing

Right out of the starting gate, we get: 


The man hits home again


the expressions are great

Thank you, Stan

WHOA! Now, who's this guy?

Fred Howell

Fred is so unassuming ...

then he starts to perform

gains strength

and explodes

we are stunned


- and then even more

The amazing Cucaburr!

Listen carefully and you're bound to laugh

A linguistic humorist who gets funnier!

Cucaburr's stuff is different and unusual - you gotta hear it

every once in a while you get a mystery performer - here he is

Chip Ames

incredible stuff - we need to hear this guy again

and then a mad man performer:

Ron Anthony:

always an energetic performance

And here are the feet to prove it

a fascinating thing to watch - Ron's feet!

Here's another shot of Ron

Check out those feet - talk about feeling!

Ted Banks - ragged, but right!

One of the best fingerpickers around

And our own Carolyn Reed

- she just gets better and better and better

She always does such a terrific job - Great going, Carolyn!

Carolyn asked Ted to join here singing

Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe"

The whole place came alive with the beautiful mix of two guitars

Here's our mentor watching his mentees

Gil Dube

Super, isn't he?

And now MORE of the folks you like to hear:

Jim Howard - Great folk songs from the sixties

Sounds like we're back in the days of the original coffee houses

Jim's guitar and harmonica are always great

He's a performer with a smile



what's with the hat, Kent?

Oh. A Caldor special

Looks good that way, too

"Now where's my finger picks?"

"No, really! Where are they??"

a hah! there they are ...

And here they all are

! what a majestic group ! 


AND FINALLY (before I leave)

Sweet Collette - a voice full of emotion

Check out that hand movement - what a player!

You can feel the intensity

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, Colette

and that's it, folks

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